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*Our shop is not responsible for any injuries or accidents under any circumstances.

We will refuse the use of those who do not understand.

*Please be sure to wear socks.

​New or washed for facility use

Please help us bring socks.

​Please change your shoes after entering.

Trampoline shoes available

We do not allow bare feet in the facility.

*Please be sure to wear clothes that are easy to move around in.

Rings, keys, watches, necklaces, earrings, hard belts,

Pants with zippers (jeans, work clothes), etc.

trampoline or mat

Please remove any objects that may cause injury.

trampoline or mat

If it is damaged, we will charge the repair fee.

Please help us to bring clothes that can be exercised.

*For other customers

Activities not related to trampolines

Please refrain from doing things that cause trouble.

Exit depending on the situation,

You may be prohibited from entering the store.

※ Work clothes such as the end of work

Clothes that are obviously dirty

Not available.

like people around you

When the smell of perfume or clothes is strong

Use may be refused.

Please bring a change of clothes when you come. ​​

*Never leave your child unattended.

Also, when accompanying a child who needs assistance

Please support us.

*The weight limit is up to 100 kg in total.

Please come after losing weight.

* If you jump with more than one person, it will be a sudden jump.

Danger of collision.

Rules for usingprotection

Please jump one by one.

(up to 2 if you need guidance or support) ​

*Jumping onto the floor is dangerous.

after stopping on the trampoline

Please move.

* About diving into the diving pool

In the pool you need to be very careful

Please make sure that there is no one in the room.

Make sure you dive for the size of the pool.

Leave the pool immediately after landing.

​Do not play or lie in the pool.

*Regarding our items,

If the customer damages the product due to incorrect usage

We will charge the repair fee.

* From the frame cover mat when riding on the corner of the trampoli rectangle

Your feet may fall.

Especially avoid landing on corners.

*Eating in the training area is prohibited.

Drinks only

Do not drink around the trampoline pit pool


*If you do not contact us for lost items

We will dispose of it within a week.

If you contact us, we will keep it for 1 month.

If you do not come to pick it up after one month, we will dispose of it.

​Please don't forget.

*Smoking is prohibited in this facility.

Please use the smoking area outside.

*For those who are not feeling well

We apologize for the inconvenience.

I feel a little strange about my physical condition

If you feel it, wait until you feel better

Please visit us.


Please refrain from using it.

*Please refrain from taking medicines if you are not feeling well.

* Please cooperate by bringing clothes that can hide tattoos.

​ (basically open is OK)

*Entrance is prohibited for gangsters and gangsters.

​*Please use it according to your needs.

everyone who came

Please observe the prohibitions, precautions, and manners and have fun. ​

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