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business hours


usage fee


Free time​⏱
member・Adult 2500 yen ・Childrentwenty two00 yen
On the day only ・Adult3500circle​Children 3200circle

1 hour + feelings 💖
(1 hour when crowded)
・15 adults00 yen ・Children1200 Yen
On the day only ・Adult 2200 yen ・Children 1800circle

Children 6 to 12 years old

​Under 6
One hour usage fee for children under the age of 6 in the member's family
​For families on the day only
Child member rates apply.

Extension fee
plus 30 minutes
500 yen
plus 1 hour
​1000 yen
​ (crowded
It may not be possible to extend the time. )

admission fee
Member 300 yen
​ 600 yen only on the day

(5 minutes trampoline trial with toilet use Wi-Hi use)
​*Please use
during the hours of use by family and friends who
If your family is using

Annual membership fee (first time)
Child 3000 yen

Adult 5000 yen

group35000 yen
​ (updated annually)
Member's first trampoline friend

one-offup to 2 people
You can use it for a trial with a membership fee.
Save your membership card as it will be discounted the following year.
​Thank you.

​MemberLimited to customers)

1 hour 5 times ticket
7500 yen

Free time 5 times ticket
11000 yen

Facility charter
​OPEN~16:3up to 0
23000 yen
​On the day only

48000 yen
(Up to 15 people can enter at the time of charter)

(tax included)

method of payment

Closed Tuesdays (irregular holidays)
Please check the calendar when you visit
Please check before coming.
Final reception on the day
18:00If you would like to come after
Please contact us during reception hours.


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